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We are now offering External CPD Training Sessions

The seemingly simple act of communication; listening and sharing what we do, can be a force for growth, change, and discovery within our industry. We want to inspire and multiply the kind of creative exploration that furthers development, flexible remote learning and application in both a Covid and post-Covid world. All Construction and related professional institutions and associates require members to undertake regular Continued Professional Development (CPD) and to make a commitment to learn and develop. We are thrilled to announce that we now offer External CPD Training Sessions. With a handful of clients already utilising this service, we want to continue the conversation with more like-minded people within our industry. We want to inspire and support continued development in our community within the construction industry, share expertise and make an impact to our clients learning, whether that be developing new skills or by just being curious to a different way of thinking. We cover a range of subjects such as ‘Sustainability and the Design Process’, ‘Principles of Infrastructure Design’, Historic Structures & Conversions’, ‘Building Details & Construction’ and Building Terminology and much more. We are a people business, and we are very proud of our staff for embracing their career progression, showing dedication while delivering exceptional projects, always driving for excellence. If you are interested in CPD Training Sessions and think this is something that could work for you please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

Please direct all CPD enquiries to Emma Graham on



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