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Sustainability in Civil/Structural

The ethical responsibility of sustainability rests with all of the design team, and the whole life cost of a project is something which is rightly being considered from the outset. 

Sustainable design is a philosophy we are passionate about, that seeks to maximise the quality of the built environment whilst minimising or eliminating its impact on the natural environment.

We always look at alternative methods of building that use more sustainable materials and the whole life cost of a building, through construction, operation, maintenance and in time, potential demolition/reuse.

From a structural engineering perspective, our approach is often dictated by structural form and function. Delivering sustainably here means remaining curious as to different approaches and delivering benefit from a cost, programme and sustainability point of view.

Our Civil Engineers deliver SuDS as standard and our methodology against a developing backdrop of rules, regulations and techniques means we constantly seek out opportunities to learn how we can do better.  

We demonstrate our sustainability credentials working across a range of Passivehaus and modular projects, waste recovery projects, flood risk and SuDS designs. We are always seeking opportunities to deliver on our sustainable pledge, to meet the requirements of a project whilst enhancing the future function.

Our team are always seeking opportunities to upskill, and  improve our own knowledge of new sustainable approaches, to remain on top of current legislation as well as new construction techniques. Our team remain enthusiastic and keen to enhance this knowledge as standard.

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