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Canhams in Cambridge!

We are delighted to announce that Canham Consulting’s Cambridge office is open!

Being close to our clients, and active within the local community is hugely important to us.

This is exciting news for us, and with collaboration spaces in Cambridge and London, as well as our head office in Norwich, we are now in a greater position to assist our construction colleagues and clients on projects throughout the East of England and beyond.

Our Cambridge collaboration space will be led by our newly appointed Director, Jayesh Patel.

Jayesh is a Chartered Civil and Structural Engineer with a wealth of experience in large-scale projects, conservation, and heritage projects.

He is a dedicated and passionate Engineer who is highly committed to staff development, mentoring and professional nurturing. We are thrilled to welcome Jayesh to the team and look forward to ‘Canham Cambridge’ going from strength to strength.



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