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Charity of the Year - 2024-25

In May 2023, we became an Employee-Owned Business and elected our first Employee Council. These individuals represent the view of the business on wider social engagement matters and our charitable work is an important part of this.

For FY24-25 our Employee Council has elected The Hamlet as our chosen charity, and we will be running a number of fundraising events throughout the year.

The Hamlet does fantastic work across the county, and we are proud to be supporting them!

The Hamlet believes people with disabilities deserve to be valued for who they are. By providing recreational, educational, and social opportunities, children, young people, and adults can be themselves and reach their full potential.

Operating across 3 central Norwich locations, The Hamlet are there for children, young people, adults, and their families.  Their expertise in disability care is second to none and they have a highly skilled team on board to deliver a range of services to meet everyone's needs.



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