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John Hutchinson retires

John Hutchinson, fondly known to all as Hutch, has been a structural engineer for around 50 years and decided towards the end of last year that perhaps the time had come to step back.

Not only is 50 years an exceptional working life but it has been spent in a single industry and essentially with only two employers!

He started his career with Fordham Parsons, and this is where many of his formative years were spent. During his time here, he went on to mentor and encourage many young engineers who have gone on to have successful careers.

We first heard of Hutch in 2002, when he expressed an interest in working with us. Hutch wanted to work on local structural engineering, and we were happy to help! Subsequently, he joined Canham Consulting in the latter part of 2002.

In the following years, Hutch supported the business, and particularly me, as the business grew. He was happy to work from home solving problems for clients, who have remained loyal for many years returning time and time again for his uncomplicated approach to their structural engineering issues.

Whilst we may rarely see Hutch (and he is not one for the Christmas party!) his dedication and support to Canham Consulting has been outstanding.

Personally, I thank Hutch for the trust that he placed in me for many years. He was always there for the tough decisions and never hesitated to get into the office when needed. But of course, he was happiest with hands-on structural engineering and working with clients.

I am very pleased that Hutch has decided to step back and finally retire. When we spoke of this matter several years ago, he had suggested that retirement might look like just three days of work each week, which clearly demonstrates his continued enjoyment of his work and is a testament to the relationships he has with his clients. However, that’s not retirement!

As the world returns to some form of normality, I hope that Hutch will be able to enjoy his retirement, spending time with his children and grandchildren around the country.

Many thanks again to Hutch for all his support, we do hope you keep in touch and just maybe one day we will get him to the Christmas Party!



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