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A career in construction?

Why become an Engineer or a Surveyor? This is the question I am often asked by those thinking of starting the journey to a career in our profession.

The Construction Industry is tough. There are many challenges throughout our careers and to be successful it takes years of graft and application. It requires a strong desire to learn and often broad shoulders!

The benefits of working in construction, however, are immeasurable. It is one of the few industries in which we can make a real difference to the built environment, the community and improve the lives of others.

The ultimate objective of a designer is to work collaboratively as part of a team to realise a vision. We allow a design to evolve, develop the detail, communicate this effectively and ensure we play a positive part in the construction process.

We are often asked to provide our opinion on the condition of older buildings, or those with defects. This aspect of our career requires an inquisitive mind and a determination to gather the facts, interpret the findings and reach sensible conclusions in order to make cost effective recommendations.

At Canham Consulting we support many young people in their quest to become Engineers and Surveyors. We have a full programme of work experience placements and every School Holiday we welcome children into the Company to experience what it is really like to work in construction engineering. It is our ambition to spread the word to as many young people as we can, to spark enthusiasm and a passion to make a difference to the built environment.

Our programme of work experience often leads to permanent employment. We currently sponsor two young Engineers with their part time studies at Anglia Ruskin and University of Suffolk. They are both part way through their workplace-based degree courses and we are now looking for our next Apprentice for 2020.

Several of us at Canham Consulting volunteer as STEM Ambassadors, offering our time to inspire and engage young people to progress further in their STEM subjects. We actively support local Schools and Colleges with their events, always with the ambition of encouraging the younger generation into the industry.

We do all of this to attract the very best to our business and we make no secret of it. We are looking for young people with exceptional academic attributes, a key eye for design and detail and most importantly, a rounded personality and the ability to build and maintain relationships.

All of us who work in Construction share a common responsibility to inspire others, to encourage young people into the industry and set positive examples within the community.

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