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Earth Day 2022

As an industry, construction is one of the largest consumers of natural resources in the UK and produces more waste than any other sector. With a growing population, and the need for more homes, facilities and an improved infrastructure, it is important for the industry to adapt and focus on finding more sustainable and innovative methods of construction to help the built environment sector reach net-zero by 2050.

Steps are being taken, and we are all focused on reducing our environmental impact, but what do our engineers here at Canham Consulting do?

Our Pre-Planning Engineers are usually involved in a project right from the get-go. Whether it be for Traffic Assessments or a Flood Risk, our surveys focus on the potential impact of a site and what implications proceeding with the current design may cause on the local area and how we can create a positive impact. Then come our Civil Engineers, planning and designing the infrastructure including roads, bridges and wastewater drainage. They keep on top of all the latest standards and aim to design with sustainability at the forefront; seeking to embrace the recommendations of the SuDS Manual in all designs. Future impacts are considered and analysed to improve the way buildings and sites handle the results of climate change in an effective and sustainable way.

Whether the project is a private property or a commercial development, our Structural Engineers are always keeping on top of latest standards and utilise sustainable materials in their designs. They keep on top of the costs and availability of materials in the area and specify what can easily be sourced by local builders, and if appropriate, reusing materials to avoid waste.

With our office being in Norwich, all of our Engineers plan their site visits ahead of time and attempt to complete many in the same area on the same day to limit unnecessary travel where possible. This year we have also committed to updating our pool cars to all electric vehicles, and these will hopefully be with us within the next few months.

Whilst in our office, our Sustainability Team are on the case, ensuring changes are implemented across the business to make a positive environmental impact looking at everything from recycling to reviewing how we fundamentally operate. We fully embrace these changes and are proud to be working towards operating as a zero carbon Consultant.



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