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Fire, Impact & Flood

We understand that damage to your property caused by fire, impact, flood or subsidence can be challenging and traumatic. We are specialists in providing professional advice to recover your property during this difficult time.

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As part of your usual buildings insurance policy, throughout your claim you are entitled to seek specialist advice. Our team can provide the advice you need to help recover your property. We have extensive experience in helping to reinstate homes and can support you throughout your claim.

For properties which have suffered damage caused by fire or impact, we offer a structural assessment and report on the condition of the remaining structure. If required, we can arrange any temporary works to ensure the building remains safe and organise immediate emergency clearance works to limit environmental impact.


Canham Consulting can also assist with subsidence related damage to properties. Our experienced Surveyors and Engineers can investigate and report on the cause and provide recommendations for mitigation. We can provide a design of remedial repairs if needed and project manage the construction works.


If assistance is required with competitive tenders to remediate, or in major losses, demolish and reinstate the affected property, our skilled Structural Engineers can produce detailed drawings to support this. We can provide administration and project management of the contract on behalf of the policyholder until completion of the works and final certification.

We have a pro-active and understanding approach to ensuring interruption is minimised and we work closely with all parties involved which includes:


  • The property owner

  • Policyholders

  • Tenants

  • Loss Adjusters

  • Loss Assessors

  • Insurance Brokers

  • Forensic teams

  • Principal Contractors


Our role as the appointed Consultants would be to assist you in preparing the required designs to reinstate your property prior to the incident, allowing for full construction support to manage your insurance loss claim through to its completion.


Our services include:


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