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Temporary & Enabling

Canham Consulting Ltd have become a leading designer of scaffold and temporary structures, working closely with scaffolding Contractors to help develop a practical safe and economic design.  



With the latest computer analysis software, combined with our professional experience and engineering judgement, there is no limit to the scope of scaffold and temporary support we can provide.


Projects we have been involved with include a series of temporary access scaffold structures at Norwich Cathedral, which were complicated by the prohibition of ties and fixings to the masonry façade; and an access scaffold to the front elevation to City Hall in Norwich. This project was complicated by a sunken basement which required cantilevered geometry at road level. We have also recently completed a design for access scaffold with internal temporary support which will be used for the construction of a control building at Sizewell Power Station.


Canham Consulting are adept at Temporary Works assessment, design and review.  We are used to working in a highly controlled environment and ensure that our designs are produced with the strictest quality control process to ensure a successful design is issued.


All designs are produced strictly in accordance with relevant British Standards and in line with recommendations given by the National Access and Scaffolding Confederation.


Below is a small selection of the type of temporary works designs we are able to offer.

  • Below Ground

  • Earthworks

  • Slope Stabilty

  • Excavations

  • Tower/Crane Bases

  • Above Ground

  • Facade Retention

  • Propping & Shoring

  • Scaffolding

  • Piling Platforms

  • Haul Roads

  • Hoarding Design

  • Temporary Bridges

  • Independent 3rd Party CAT 3 Checking

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