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Structural Engineers Declare

Canham Consulting are delighted to pledge our support to UK Structural Engineers Declare. Buildings and construction are significant contributors to climate breakdown and biodiversity loss, accounting for nearly 40% of energy-related carbon dioxide emissions whilst also having a real impact on our natural habitats.

Effective and responsible design can make a significant difference to the environment, and we are committed to learning, adapting and improving the way we design.

Our Sustainability Lead Engineer, Ashley Telfer says:

“As a wildlife and nature enthusiast, the climate crisis and particularly the loss of biodiversity are issues which are very important to me personally.

We in the construction industry, are one of the major contributors to carbon emissions and habitat loss and I feel that we have a duty to make our practices more sustainable. That requires a commitment from every single person in the industry.

I am proud that we have made this commitment, and that we’ll be championing sustainability in our projects and with our clients.

There is an incredible opportunity for experts across the industry to come together to make this happen and forge a path ahead. Sustainability needs to be embedded in the whole process, from building materials to design and structures. We need to think about the whole lifespan of a building, and how that fits in with the wider environment in which it exists. We can no longer work in silos, collaboration across the industry is vital to making this work.”



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