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The Tower Block

The Tower Block is the most dominant structure at East Coast College, standing six storeys high, making it visible from afar. The tower was constructed in the 1960’s and comprises a reinforced concrete frame primary structure, clad with masonry to the North and South elevations with additional precast concrete units to the South.

Food Innovation Centre 03.jpeg

The East and West elevations comprise of glazed units with vertical precast concrete mullions.

The tower was in need of renovation, updating and a face lift. As such the College together with their chosen Consultants proposed an ‘over-clad’ scheme together with refurbishment. This project has been given the name of ‘Project Chameleon’ due to the striking cladding which changes colour and appearance depending on the angle of view and degree of sunlight.

Canham Consulting have provided Civil and Structural Engineering support throughout the Pre-Planning, Development, Detailed and Construction stages of the project.

Exhaustive concrete investigation and testing was undertaken in the early stages of the development to establish the condition of the primary frame and associated elements to identify necessary remedial works together with feasible proposals.

The new façade is positioned remote from the original structural line and as such presented its own challenges in terms of supporting and restraining the elevations, in a simple yet aesthetically sympathetic manner.

The construction process has been managed directly by the College, with the College taking on the role of both Client and Main Contractor. This has resulted in the Design Team taking on a slightly adapted role to allow the appropriate advice throughout the process and liaising directly with Trade Contractors and suppliers.

The project has been a huge success and due to the teamwork, proactive nature and dedication of the College, Contractors and Design Team the students of East Coast College have a learning facility to benefit generations to come.

Canham Consulting are very proud to have been involved with this project and to have been involved yet again, with another very interesting and challenging project with East Coast College.

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