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Salisbury Gateway

Salisbury Gateway project is potentially one of the largest supermarket developments in the UK. Canham Consulting were appointed to assist the planning team in providing flood risk consultancy advice, as the site was within an area prone to flooding from the River Avon.

Food Innovation Centre 03.jpeg

Level for level compensatory storage was required due to the desire to lift parts of the site. We utilised ground modelling software to undertake this aspect and were able to show that there would be no increase in flood risk using a 2D Hydraulic Model of the Avon valley using TUFLOW.

Groundwater investigation and recordings were also undertaken by Canham Consulting and the risks from groundwater were taken into consideration as a flood risk.

This entailed input into the Sustainable Drainage Design (SUDs) which utilised a wetland to create various surface water treatment drains, whilst bringing the benefit of ecological diversity back into the River Avon valley.

A flood risk assessment was then produced to support the EIA planning application which took on board all of the flood risks and the many other constraints which affected the site.

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