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Regent Road Regeneration

Canham Consulting have worked with Elm Contracts on the Regent Road, Great Yarmouth regeneration project, following a devastating fire which destroyed forty-two stalls and a bowling alley.

Food Innovation Centre 03.jpeg

The project consists of the construction of new retail units, as well as flats and townhouses.

We provided Structural Engineering services to the shops in the main building, flats at first floor level, as well as foundation design advice for the terraced houses. The structure is formed with insulating concrete formwork with steel framing to achieve large glazed shop fronts.

The poor ground conditions of loose, windblown sand made the project particularly challenging which led to our Engineers designing vibro-stone columns to improve the ground conditions. This has enabled the construction of strip and pad footings for the new two storey buildings which includes a 70m long façade of glazed shopfronts.

This has been a challenging project and has seen complications relating to the existing buildings due to the presence of buried services and existing substructures, such as the cellars. The site is also at a very close proximity to adjacent buildings and we were appointed to provide Party Wall advice throughout to mitigate any issues.

Canham Consulting were originally involved in the safe demolition of the fire damaged building as Building Surveyors and provided pre-planning services to support the planning application and sustainable drainage.

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