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Condition and Targeted Surveys & Reports

Many properties do not carry a readily available documented history. When purchasing a property, not being aware of hidden problems such as dry rot, subsidence, damp or other defects can led to additional costs and may affect future saleability.

When an issue with your property is identified in a valuation survey, we can provide a targeted inspection to address the specific issues raised. We will visually inspect your property, focusing on the particular area of concern.

Our inspections may identify several problems which could include evidence of subsidence, wall tie failure, lateral movement or roof spread.

Signs of these issues within your property could include:
•    Movement
•    Cracking
•    Bulging
•    Damaged timber
•    Floor movement

Structural Engineers Report

Alternatively, you may require a report on a particular structural problem that has become of concern.
The inspection is carried out by a Chartered Engineer who will provide a report based on a visual examination of the building fabric for evidence of structural problems. The concern will be discussed and the likely cause identified. Recommendations will be put forward for either remedial work or further investigations.

Some of the items such a report would cover include:

•    Subsidence
•    Cracking
•    Roof problems
•    Movement
•    Settlement
•    Bulging walls
•    Underpinning
•    Tie bars
•    Strengthening

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