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Canham Training Services

For some time now, we have encouraged our Engineers and Surveyors to share their knowledge with colleagues, and discuss a range of technical subjects. We undertake weekly internal Continuing Professional Development (CPD) sessions with a programme of relevant subjects and all staff are encouraged to research, reinforce their own knowledge and communicate this to their colleagues.

In 2021, we rolled this service out to our clients and are thrilled to be launching Canham Training Services.

Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering and Building Surveying are vast professions with many specialisms and areas of interest. We are able to deliver a range of CPD sessions to our clients, a few examples are listed below:


  • Introduction to Structural Engineering

     Loads, forces, structural behaviour, elements, introduction to stability, key principles.

  • Concept Design

     The general principle of stability, methods of achieving stability, different structural forms.

  • Ground Conditions

     Ground investigation, principles of investigation, key information, how to interpret, challenges, risks.


  • Ground Water in Construction

     Impact on construction and design, solutions, risks.


  • Temporary Works

     Principles, methods, interface between temporary and permanent, responsibility.

  • Foundation Design

     Principles, methods, risk, challenges, solutions for different situations.


  • Steelwork and Buildability

     Techniques, design, sequencing, practical considerations.


  • Structural Stability

     Methods of achieving stability. Simple structures and more complex buildings.


  • Conservation Engineering

     Dealing with an old structure. Blending modern methods with old building fabric. Appraising older buildings.

  • Building Failures

     Discussing examples, when things go wrong, how can they be avoided, things to look out for.

Many of our clients are fellow Construction Professionals, and specific, technical CPD sessions will help to broaden knowledge and interest.

The above examples represent a selection of subjects we can cover. If there is a specific subject required, this can be discussed and delivered.

All CPD sessions will be delivered by Rob Panter, Peter French or another of our qualified engineers.

It is important to us that we inspire and support continued professional development in our community within the construction industry, share expertise and make an impact to people’s learning whether that is developing new skills or by just being curious to a different way of thinking.

If you are interested in Canham Training Services and think this is something that could work for you please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think” – Albert Einstein.

Please direct all CPD enquiries to Emma Graham at

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