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About Us

We are an independent construction consultancy specialising in Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering and Building Engineering, based in the East of England. We provide services for projects of any size, whether for a small alteration to a residential property or a design for a multi-million pound development.


We pride ourselves on our expertise, approachability and pragmatic solutions to engineering problems in the commercial, residential, industrial, leisure, educational, marine, environmental and conservation sectors.

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We strive to provide a prompt, friendly and decisive response to our client’s needs, whether commercial clients or private individuals. The expertise and experience across the business, together with a highly motivated and qualified team ensures both the smooth running and efficiency of all projects. 
Services extend through the traditional structural engineering consultancy, to commercial, residential, industrial, historic and retail properties. We also provide Civil Engineering services in such areas as highways, drainage, marine structures, and coastal defence. An area of increasing significance is support to the planning process with such services as flood risk assessments, drainage design, highway design and traffic assessments, and travel plans. In addition, we provide expert witness evidence when required in construction litigation.
We pride ourselves on our independence and have, over the years, gained a reputation from our clients - both in the UK and within Europe - for providing high quality independent advice.
Although most of our work is based in East Anglia, there are no geographical barriers to our area of operation and we undertake commissions throughout the UK and abroad when requested.

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