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Regent Road Pre-Construction

A popular landmark on Regents Road in Great Yarmouth received widespread damage following a fire.


Canham Consulting worked on the complex demolition and asbestos project as Principal Designer.

regent PC 2.jpeg
regent PC.jpeg

The major fire caused widespread damage which resulted in the full demolition of the bowling alley and associated building. As a result of the fire and the significant heat, adjacent structures were similarly affected.

Following the incident, Canham Consulting identified that temporary works, propping and façade scaffolding was to immediately be installed to the left-hand bay portion of this building. 

This was a high-profile project involving the local authority enforcement as our client. We ensured suitable consideration and management of risks were adopted to ensure adequate controls were in place to safeguard the safety and environmental impact on the public, adjoining owners and occupiers.

We also acted as Principal Designer for the contract works and advised our client in accordance with the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015.

This project was an enormous success in the pre-construction and construction phases.


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