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Our Pledge

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As Consultants to the Construction Industry we are at the forefront of sustainability in the built environment and have the ability to use our influence positively.  

As Engineers and Building Surveyors we have a responsibility to act in the climate emergency and help improve the effects by providing a more sustainable design service from project outset, commission and construction.

Reducing carbon emissions is global priority, so what can we do?

Almost 40% of the worlds greenhouses gas emissions are due to buildings and construction. 

So, in 2021, we pledged to be Carbon Neutral by 2030 and signed up to industry-wide UK Civil and Structural Engineers Declare Climate and Biodiversity Emergency initiatives.

We take our position seriously, seeking to embrace opportunities to enhance designs through a sustainable approach, encourage reuse and identifying ways of exploiting alternative design approaches to support lower emissions.  

As awareness increases and the race to carbon zero grows closer we asked ourselves what more can we do?  We have decided to go one better and bring forward our 2030 goal by 2 years!

We take our professional responsibility seriously; the time is now so we pledge to do better and be a little bit better than we were yesterday.  We pledge to be carbon neutral by 2028.

We have formed an in-house Sustainability Team who meet monthly to discuss our objectives following the pledge.

We have an opportunity to make a significant difference to all our futures.  By implementing numerous sustainable initiatives on projects all over the UK as well as within our offices, delivering on our message and encouraging sustainable behaviours to become the norm among staff.

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