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Staff attend Mindspan course

22 August 2018By Laura McAree
Staff development and training is our top priority at Canham Consulting. We want to make sure our people are aiming high and getting the most out of their careers. With this in mind, our staff recently attended the Mindspan: Peak Performance Mind course, presented by Paul McVeigh.
“The commitment from the Board members at Canham to invest in their people is a rare quality in my experience,” said Paul McVeigh. “Most companies say they should do it, some get around to doing it eventually, whereas the entire Canham workforce were offered the chance to improve the quality of their lives with this course that encompasses the mental performance of my sporting background, with the knowledge needed to navigate through the challenges of daily tasks.”
The aim of the three-day course was to give all staff the opportunity to challenge the way they think and provide them with the tools to improve both emotionally and behaviourally. By using these skills, our people will be more able to unlock their true potential and increase their ability to succeed, both in the office and in their personal lives.
“I thoroughly enjoyed the Mindspan course and have tried to implement as many aspects of the course in my day to day life as I can,” said Canham Consulting’s Associate, Andrew McCloud.
The biggest thing that I took from the course was awareness. Having an awareness of the way that you think about a situation gives you the opportunity to stop and the ability to ‘choose’ how to think to give you the outcome that you want!”

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