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Invasive Species

13 September 2016By Peter FrenchBlogUnder: Domestic
As Surveyors and Engineers, we often get asked to comment on trees and their effect on buildings. However, what is less often discussed is the presence of invasive plants when looking at potential development sites or properties. An invasive or non-native species can include fungus, plants or animals that is not natural to a specific location...

Appreciation of the Structural Engineer

17 March 2016By Peter FrenchBlogUnder: Domestic
Most homeowners feel the need to alter or extend their property, either through necessity such as an expanding family or sudden health requirements or they simply want to enhance and improve their house. Very often, this requires the expertise and involvement of a structural engineer. However, when advised by their architect or builder that...

Snow - is your house prepared?

22 January 2016By Peter FrenchBlogUnder: Domestic
It’s that time of year when it gets a bit colder, when rain turns to ice and snow, and temperatures drop below freezing. We design buildings to support various loads; for example, the self-weight of building materials and its use. Buildings are also subject to other loads such as wind, rain and snow. Whilst rain rarely imposes any...

Home improvements - Beware

21 December 2015By Peter FrenchBlogUnder: Domestic
As a Chartered Building Surveyor, I am often called in by homeowners in regards to a problem that has occurred to their property.  These problems may include dampness, rot to timber, condensation and structural issues that have developed.  Many of these can be caused by a lack of maintenance, breakdown of materials over a period of...

Building Doctors'

11 December 2015By Peter FrenchBlogUnder: Domestic
When it comes to Professional Services in relation to properties, we are all familiar with the role of Architects, Structural Engineers, Estate Agents, etc., but there is one other building professional which has an important role to play when dealing with properties, whether it is the purchase, selling, refurbishment, repair or defect diagnosis...

A Grand Design

28 October 2014By Peter FrenchBlogUnder: Domestic
Canham Consulting are very fortunate that we have been involved in many interesting and unique projects. Over the years the trends have changed, it wasn't that long ago when barn conversions and traditional forms of construction would be everyone's ideal project (and we still work on plenty of these today). However, we are seeing more...

Make that extension a good experience

11 July 2014By Peter FrenchBlogUnder: Domestic
Moving house is often triggered by a need or a wish for more space than your current home offers. Rather than moving, an alternative could be to alter or possibly extend your existing home. The scale of such works can, of course, vary immensely, but the principle for employing a competent building contractor and making the experience good, does...

The invasion of the Property snatchers

30 May 2014By Peter FrenchBlogUnder: Domestic
As structural engineers, we often get asked to comment on trees and roots and how they affect nearby properties, whether it be in clay soils or granular soils. However, what is less often discussed is the presence of invasive plants when looking at potential development plots or properties. You may be surprised to hear that there are legal...

So you want to live near the water?

18 April 2014By Peter FrenchBlogUnder: Domestic
When being asked to describe our aspirations for a most desirable property, living by the water is often amongst the items on the wish list. There are obvious benefits, such as the outlook, possibly remoteness, and the wildlife. However, living at the water’s edge does come with significant responsibilities and risks. If your land is...

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