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John Hutchinson retires

25 June 2021By Peter FrenchUnder: Engineering, Design , Construction,
John Hutchinson, fondly known to all as Hutch, has been a structural engineer for around 50 years and decided towards the end of last year that perhaps the time had come to step back.   Not only is 50 years an exceptional working life but it has been spent in a single industry and essentially with only two employers! He started his...

Listed Buildings to buy or not to buy?

18 August 2017By Peter FrenchBlog
If you are thinking of purchasing a listed building you will need to consider the advantages and disadvantages when it comes to alterations or improvements. Buildings which are likely to be listed have a special architectural and historic interest and the older the building the more likely it is to be listed. Listed buildings are Grade 1,  ...

The Floor Beneath our Feet

14 July 2017By Peter FrenchBlog
We are often instructed to investigate a defect or problem which has been highlighted in a mortgage valuation report. Common issues are cracks, suspicious construction work, damp, etc. Another defect that is identified is uneven or sloping ground floor slabs and as with any issue raised within a mortgage valuation report it can delay or even...

Canham Consulting legend Hutch, 65 and going strong!

02 March 2017By Peter French
John Hutchinson (everyone calls him Hutch) has been with Canham Consulting since 2002. Hutch works for so many clients, has helped many people and designed some brilliant structures over the years. Whilst Hutch has reduced his hours, he still gets a thrill out of helping our client’s and remains as active and busy as ever. Hutch’s...

Going up in the World

14 December 2016By Peter FrenchBlogUnder: Construction
From time to time, we all wish we had more space at home and generally you have two options: to extend or move. The more common option is to extend as this is generally cheaper than moving to a larger property. When extending, we tend to think about adding onto your property. One option, is to extend up and what better than to convert the large...

Invasive Species

13 September 2016By Peter FrenchBlogUnder: Domestic
As Surveyors and Engineers, we often get asked to comment on trees and their effect on buildings. However, what is less often discussed is the presence of invasive plants when looking at potential development sites or properties. An invasive or non-native species can include fungus, plants or animals that is not natural to a specific location...

JLL Property Triathlon

13 July 2016By Peter FrenchUnder: Construction
Congratulations to everyone that took part in the 10th JLL Property Triathlon on Friday 1st July. Canham Consulting were this year represented by employees Simon Howard and Henry Woodley. With Henry Woodley achieving a top 10 finish in his category and Simon Howard completing his 750m swim, 21.2km bike and 5km run within the 90 Minute target he...

Appreciation of the Structural Engineer

17 March 2016By Peter FrenchBlogUnder: Domestic
Most homeowners feel the need to alter or extend their property, either through necessity such as an expanding family or sudden health requirements or they simply want to enhance and improve their house. Very often, this requires the expertise and involvement of a structural engineer. However, when advised by their architect or builder that...

Snow - is your house prepared?

22 January 2016By Peter FrenchBlogUnder: Domestic
It’s that time of year when it gets a bit colder, when rain turns to ice and snow, and temperatures drop below freezing. We design buildings to support various loads; for example, the self-weight of building materials and its use. Buildings are also subject to other loads such as wind, rain and snow. Whilst rain rarely imposes any...

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